Whether it be a birthday, an engagement, a Bucks/Hens, a milestone or just because you want to celebrate life, we can tailor a fun casino night to suit your needs.


Celebrating a special birthday? Our fun casino services are perfect for any birthday at any age whether it be an 18th or a 60th or anything in between. As our tables do not use real money, it means that you can have guests of all ages (minors included) involved and you'll find that all generations will ultimately have a great time sharing the experience.


Engagement parties are often the first time all of your closest family and friends actually meet at one time. Our casino tables make for a perfect ice breaker. Our services create a bonding experience, making your engagement party a perfect precursor to your upcoming wedding.


Ready for the last hoorah? There are many forms of entertainment that are synonomous with bucks & hens parties, but none have the prestige and excitement of having your very own casino. Our tables are a great way to get all of your different friendship groups intermingling and getting to know each other before the big day.


Our fun casino experiences are a great way to add something unique to your wedding. Some like to use our entertaining croupiers to occupy your guests during the lull between the ceremony and the reception, or even at pre dinner drinks. On the other hand for those that are eloping, especially to Las Vegas, having a fun casino event is a great way to help you celebrate your momentous occasion with those that cannot travel with you.


The High Roller feel of our events is perfect to celebrate life's accomplishments. Whether you're celebrating New Year's Eve, house-warming, a job promotion, graduation, farewell or homecoming, why not mark your momentous occasion with a night of excitement and fun?


You don't always need a reason to have a party. Maybe you just want an excuse to get all of your family and friends together for a great night of entertainment. Our fun casino experience will definitely add the flair to your next event that will no doubt have your guests asking you to do it all again and again!