Make sure your next corporate event is one to be remembered by your clients and colleagues.

Staff Events

Wheather it be a Christmas celebration, EOFY party or any other way to celebrate, we can make your next staff event one to get excited about. Our fun casino events are great at bringing colleagues and different departments together.

Conferences/Team Building

Do you need a way to boost team spirit? After a long day of planning and brainstorming it is great to cap the day's hard work off with a bit of light-hearted fun. It promotes natural camaraderie and will have your staff and collegues feeling good about their efforts.

Client Appreciation

Impressing clients is often a stressful task. The beauty of our casino tables is that the entertainment at your event is taken care of. The best part is that we provide a natural "ice breaker" to the event.

Trade Shows

If you need to draw some attention to your stand at a convention then nothing will draw a crowd quicker than a casino table. Our tables and spinning wheels can be used for prize giveaways or even an ice breaker to spark conversation.