You've done the trivia nights, dinner dances, sausage sizzles and chocolate drives, so it's time to do something different. Take the stress away from your next fundraiser with the excitement of your very own fun casino.


A fun casino is one of the only forms of entertainment that will actually raise you money for your cause. All other forms of entertainment are simply expenses that take away money from your cause.


Royal Casino Events has been involved with all of the major charity organisations including The Royal Children's Hospital, Cancer Council and Beyond Blue. As our experience covers events large and small, we have the ability to scale our events to suit your requirements. We work with you the entire way to ensure the event runs smoothly, maximises fundraising, but most importantly, leaves your guests feeling entertained.


The most rewarding of all fundraising events. School fundraisers require the co-ordination of parents and families, most of whom, rarely have experience in events, which is where we can assist. We specialise in helping you maximise your efforts by holding your hand through the whole planning and execution of the event, by attending committee meetings and sharing our experience throughout the process to the end.


Whether you are a football, netball, cricket or any other form of sporting club, no doubt you are looking to find a way to both unite, and raise money for your club. Some clubs use us for their major annual fundraising event where others prefer to just run a subsidised social night, an excuse to get everyone together.


There are many fundraising events in the community that simply don't fall into a specific category. Whether you are supporting a cause related connected to an event, or helping someone after an accident, the good news is that we are both sensitive, and experienced, in the various fundraising requirements of the community.